April 13th, 2005


Teh 1337ness!!!!!!!!!111oneone

Got my new Dell PDA yesterday. My old Toshiba had a VGA screen too, so the screen wasn't really anything new. It really doesn't have anything new that my old PDA didn't, other than Bluetooth (and I don't have anything that uses Blootooth anyway)

But it's a good deal faster than the old Toshiba (and hopefully won't blow its brains out every 3 days like the Toshiba did.) The unit also seems a wee bit smaller (although part of that is no doubt due to having only a 3.7 inch screen vs. the Toshiba's 4.0 inches)

I spent about 5 hours last night uploading all my software and tweaking stuff. I still need to find VGA versions of tAgenda and BatMemTime.

Only annoyances I found were that you couldn't install Microsoft Reader or Microsoft Money into ROM (of which I have 91 Megs free), they have to be installed into the RAM (of which I only have about 30 Megs free), but that's hardly Dell's fault.

Tried using the Terminal Services Client at work today, and discovered this PDA is a LOT faster. I can actually work on the server just as fast from the PDA as I could from a desktop! And with a VGA screen, it's actually usable! Now I can change a user's login settings on the server while sitting at their computer. This is SOOO gonna come in handy!