April 20th, 2005



I ran my PDA down to 20% battery before I turned it off. Now it won't turn on. It'll be 90 minutes before I can get home to plug it in. The backup battery is only designed to last 30 minutes. I hope everything will still be there when I get home.

I really need to buy another charger for this thing.


I got home and plugged in my PDA, and nervously pressed the power button. It booted up, and displayed the owner information, then asked for my password.


I checked the power meter, and it read 0%. The backup battery was still reading normal, so I had at least 30 minutes of reserve power left, but it was still a pretty close call.

I need to decide between buying an extended battery, would would give me double the battery life (over 180 minutes of constant wireless usage), but make the PDA heavier and a 1/2 inch thicker, or to buy a 3-in-one power adaptor, which would let me recharge the PDA anywhere, IF I actually had the cable with me. They'll cost about the same.
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