May 11th, 2005



My first employee evaluation is coming up Monday. I have to fill out a self-evaluation form. I hate these forms.

Got my InnoPocket magnesium hard case for my Dell PDA. Fits like a glove, it's actually slimmer than the cloth case that the PDA came with, and it nicely protects the screen. The case also makes it hard to accidentally hit to "record" button, which switches the unit on.

Got an e-mail from Comic Con International. Looks like I've been approved for a small press table again this year. Unfortunately, the person who sent out the e-mail with the BOE paperwork put his entire e-mail list on the To: line, which means I'm probably going to be flooded with viruses now. Great.

Almost forgot to eat today. My blood sugar level got low enough I started feeling woozy. Time for some chocolate. :/

Run and hide! Run and hide!

I've got the TV muted during the commercials, when a blurb for the local news came up.

First they showed video of people running around in a panic (probably the airplane scare in DC this morning.) Then they showed Michael Jackson.
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