May 26th, 2005


Nice try....

I had to drive up to the company trailer at a job site in Temecula. I was taking it easy today, keeping to about 75-80 (speed limit is 70 on I-15 north of Escondido).

I noticed a white unmarked Ford Crown Victoria with blacked out windows, black HD wheels, and a CA EXEMPT license plate. Obviously not a motorist with engine trouble, nope, that's a speed trap. I noticed he wasn't going after anyone, but rather was apparently relaying info to other marked units which would come zooming in from further back on the highway. Clever idea.

I got to the trailer, and naturally, being a work day, there was nobody around. And of course, the trailer was locked up tight and I don't have a key. So I got to sit around in the car and listen to Tales of the Texas Rangers and The Shadow until someone showed up. Yay for Sirius satellite radio!

On the way back to the main office, I stopped at Rubios to try one of their new Street Tortas and Beer-Battered Fries. Meh. Way not worth the money. :P Wish I'd gone to Long John Silver's like I'd originally planned. It would have cost the same, I'd have gotten a lot more food, and it would have tasted a lot better. :P
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