May 28th, 2005


Work it, baby.

My grandmother used to take insanely long, super hot showers which would end up steaming up not only the bathroom but the master bedroom as well. The bathroom was painted with mildew-resistant paint, but the bedroom wasn't. As a result, everywhere that there was poor air circulation in the bedroom, the walls are covered in mildew.

Before I can move out of my tiny closet-sized bedroom into the master bedroom, I have to remove all that mildew.

At first, I was going to try using a sanding disk on my electric drill, but that proved to be too hard to control. It would tear all the way down to the plaster in some spots, and not remove anything at all in other spots.

So I fell back on my original plan, TSP, bleach & lots of elbow grease.

Unfortunately, I've gotten terribly out of shape. I got a roughly 2 foot by 4 foot segment of the wall cleaned, and by then I was gasping for breath. I was hoping to finish at least one wall today. That's not gonna happen. I'll be lucky if I get one wall finished this weekend.

Once I get all that cleaned up, I've got a bucket of mold-resistant paint to apply. The whole house needs painting, not just the bedroom, but at $20 a bucket? Erf.