May 30th, 2005


Clean at last, clean at last, thank God Almighty, it's clean at last

Finished cleaning the walls in the Master bedroom. It looks odd in there with (relatively) white walls. I rinsed a couple times, but I'm not sure just how well you need to rinse TSP & bleach, especially when you're planning on painting anyway. Someone suggested leaving it on there to help fight any possible future mildew attacks, but I've also read that TSP is sometimes used as a paint remover (and it does appear to have revealed some of the older paint underneath the current layer, though that might have been from the heavy scrubbing or the bleach)

Next weekend, PAINT!

And then replace the carpet.

And then I can move out of my "closet" into the master bedroom.

And THEN I get to start on painting my old bedroom and fixing it up to possibly rent out.