June 4th, 2005


I suck at painting.

I really suck at house painting. I just cannot seem to get even coverage, and I CANNOT seem to get a good, even transition from areas painted with a roller and areas painted with a brush.

Looks like I'll have to hire someone. At least I got the two main mildew-walls covered, all except the edges.

Good God, this anti-mildew paint REEKS.

Freaky fruit.

I just noticed that the Freak Tree in the back yard is bearing fruit. TWO DIFFERENT KINDS of fruit!

(About 10 years ago, my grandfather removed an old, dying plum tree, digging down and removing MOST of the root. He then planted an apricot tree in it's place. Somehow the plum survived this, and after all these years has started growing again and has now surrounded the trunk of the apricot, so the tree is now this bizzare hydrid.)
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