July 5th, 2005


It's Alive! And Stupid!

From a conversation on FurryMUCK:

Ogg's user blinks at a log message from his mail server. "It records relay attempts. from=esurrency@rugbykicks.com to=marianne@starlightorchestras.com Why do I have the feeling that spam addresses are talking to each other now?"
Scruff chirps, "They're developing intelligence!"
Ogg chatters, "That's intelligent?"
Scruff chirps, "Well, some sorta crude mind anyway"
Mav wruffs gruffly, "It's actually how the spam network populates itself now."
Mav wruffs gruffly, "It's drone communication."
Tsuki purrs quietly, "the internet...it's becoming alive....and stupid"
Tailen chirrups, "Zombies"
Scruff cuddles the TTL flag
Ogg sighs. "An emerging sentient being that knows how to keep it up longer and get viagra cheap."
Margaras rumbles softly, "huge tits, cheap warez"
Malkoten rumbles, "From canada!"
Miko chitters, "And make $$$ in its spare time."
Ogg grins.
Mav wruffs gruffly, "And is always approved for the best home mortgage"
Ogg chatters, "And can help out people with their Nigerian bank accounts."
Scruff chirps, "With genuine university diplomas!"
Captain squeaks, "And h0t XxX Fram Grrls!"
Mav wruffs gruffly, "Wow.. ya know what is worst.. picking on the sentinent being of the internet. ;)"
Ogg chatters, "Damn. There's material for a funny science-fiction story here."
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