July 25th, 2005



HR called me in today; the company is switching insurance providers so everyone has to sign up with the new company.

The old plan cost me $125 a month and only covered medical and dental, with a $1500 hospital deductible, $150 drug deductible and a $20 office copay. The new insurance has no deductibles, only a $10 copay, and covers medical, dental, chiropractic and vision AND provides $25,000 in life insurance, and best of all, it's 100% paid by the company, not a penny out of my pocket!
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Yay for OT!

I needed to spend some time working on the file server today, so I stayed late hoping everyone would leave so I could take the machine down. 3 hours of OT later, nobody had budged, and they're going to be working for several more hours. So I headed on home.

Now I'll have to come in insanely early tomorrow morning so I can work on the server before anyone gets in. Bunches more OT tomorrow. Yay. :P