August 6th, 2005



I wanted to check the torque of the lugs on the Ratmobile, so I stopped into the local Lowes to buy a 3/4" deep socket. There was only the one checkstand open, so I got in line. There were only 2 people in front of me, but of course, they managed to make simple transactions take forever.

I get home, and discover that the socket is just a wee bit too short, so I head back to Lowes to buy an extension bar. This time, there were 2 checkstands open. I get in the closest one, and of course, it takes forever. After waiting several minutes, I notice the other checkstand open up, so I start heading over there. But I see someone else heading for the same checkstand. He looked like he only had a single small item in his hands, so I let him go ahead of me. But no, it was an order slip, the guy was buying an appliance or something, and the paperwork wasn't done correctly, so the clerk has to call for a manager. ARGH! Meanwhile, the line I was in originally opens up, so I get out of line and RUN to it.

Geez, you have to wait in line for 10 minutes to buy a single damn tool. They REALLY need to work on their checkout.

(It turned out that, indeed, the last person to work on my wheels didn't torque all the lugs properly. Bleah.)
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