September 23rd, 2005

Homer's Brain

Screw Linux, back to Windows.

Ubuntu is pretty and all, but it can be so frustrating to try to fix when something is wrong. I spent about 3 hours trying to get it to connect to a share on my server (it kept claiming a bad password), and my poking at it eventually made the Ubuntu shares disappear from the server as well.

I remembered I had a spare copy of XP, so I just said, screw it!

Let's see, to mount a drive in Linux, you have to type in a bunch of totally cryptic commands then edit the fstab file if you want it to mount at startup. To mount a drive in XP, you just plug it in. If you change the video card, X crashes when you boot. If you swap cards in Windows, it justs defaults to mimimum settings and asks for new drivers.

Linux still needs a LOT of work before it'll ever replace Windows. This is the 21st Century, you'd think everything would be plug & play and GUI by now....

I think I'm also going to wipe the weather station machine and install 2000 on it. While it's possible to make 98 relatively stable if you don't push it too hard, this weather station apparently is too much for it. I'll need to see just how far I can strip 2000 down, since it really only needs the serial port and basic networking.
Music Machine

A Musical History of Disneyland

I didn't intend to spend this much at Costco today, but I was looking through the DVD's and CD's and noticed the box set of A Musical History of Disneyland. I took one look at the list of songs, and I had to have it. $65 (list is $100, Amazon is $90)

It's got the complete soundtrack for so many of the rides new and old. "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln", "The Enchanted Tiki Room", "Mark Twain", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Country Bear Jamboree" (all 3 versions), "Haunted Mansion", "Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland & the Rainbow Caverns", "It's a Small World", "Circlevision", "Adventures In Inner Space", "Star Tours", "Flight to the Moon", "America Sings", "Space Mountain" and "The Main Street Electrical Parade"

All for about the price of one adult ticket. Not that bad afterall.
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