October 23rd, 2005


Moved in

There's still tons of stuff in my old room, but most of my things have been moved into the master bedroom. So now I have to sleep there.

And it feels very very odd. I almost feel like I'm making a mistake, that I should be staying in my own room. The new room is 50% larger than the old, yet it seems like I have much less space.

The amount of stuff still left in my old room is almost overwhelming. I need to completely empty the room, then I can start painting, and hopefully rent the room out to help make mortgage payments.

I've already filled 2 garbage bags with trash. And there's plenty more, but I'm too tired now to keep going.

My old mattress is in pretty bad shape, but I found it's still under warranty, so Mattress Discounters will drag it off and give me store credit. But I'm going to be using my grandfather's bed, which is only a couple years old and is quite nice. So what am I going to do with $500 in store credit at a mattress store?
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