November 12th, 2005

Tools.  *snicker*

Super Overtime!

Had to go into work today to do the long awaited server update.   Pulling a pair of 18 Gig drives in RAID1 and replacing them with three 73 Gig drives in RAID5.  This will increase network storage by a factor of 10.  All for a mere $1100.

When I ordered the extra drive cages from Dell, they didn't bother to tell me I HAD to order a set of screws for each cage because they use funky counterset screws instead of normal screams.   So I had to pay 60 cents for the screws and another $5 for postage.   WTF?  In the mean time, I've got these $300 hard drives hanging by just two screws each.   Stupid Dell.

Building the RAID and cloning all the data over has taken me 5-1/2 hours so far, and it's only 50% finished on the clone.   Fortunately this is all paid overtime.   Cha-CHING!

While I was waiting for the RAID to build, I got started on the other big project I had, configuring a baker's dozen Palm Treo 600's for our service techs and setting them up with this craptastic CRM software.   I have no idea if I did it right, because none of the Treos have been activated, so I can't test the software.  2 of the 13 Treos had bad screens.   That's not a good success rate.

Fortunately I stopped by 7-11 this morning and bought a Team Gulp of Mt. Dew.   128 ounces of caffeinated goodness.   (That's 1 gallon, or 3.8 liters)  So I've had a nice caffeine buzz going all day now.

I have tomorrow off, then Monday and Tuesday are going to be more really busy days, as I have to get everyone in both offices switched over to the ISP's new e-mail system.   The fun never stops around here!

Music Machine

CSI: Whatever

All the CSI series so far have used Who music for the titles:

CSI - Who Are You?
CSI: Miami - Won't Get Fooled Again
CSI: New York - Baba O'Reily

If they make another CSI series, I would suggest they use the song Naked Eye for the opening credits.

You hold the gun, and I hold the wound,
We stand looking in each other's eyes.
It all looks fine to the naked eye,
But it don't really happen that way at all.
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