November 23rd, 2005


Tropical Storm Delta

The 28th tropical cyclone of the year and the 25th named storm. We haven't just broken the record, we're burning the remains and scattering the ashes over a pool full of man-eating sharks.

And there's still 1 week left in the official season, so there's still a (slim) chance we might see Epsilon!
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More OT

I was planning to go home at 3:00 after putting in my 8 hours, but I got asked to stay late, so I may have 2 or more hours more OT today. Yay!

Meanwhile I'm BORED out of my mind. Waugh! Nobody else here, so there's no annoying questions. All the computers have been put down, and there's really no maintanence that needs to be done on the server or anything.
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