January 5th, 2006

Homer's Brain

Gang aft agley

So much for reading tonight.

Santa Ana conditions again today. The temperature got up to 90F, and the humidity down to 13%. This bone dry air is wreaking havoc with my sinuses, and I came home with a massive headache.

I took some heavy-duty drugs, and my headache is slowly going away. But it's also making me terribly sleepy. I also had to work late (yay for overtime!), then do some grocery shopping, then upgrade all the computers here, so it's after 7:00 now. I'm strongly thinking of going to bed soon.

EXTREMELY Critical Windows Update

Stop reading this, right now, and go to the Windows Update website. Just click on the Tools menu and select Windows Update.

Microsoft just released one of the most critical security updates they have ever had. Get the patch NOW!
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