January 13th, 2006

Homer Mmmmmm...

The greatest thing since sliced bread!

In my travels today, I ended up passing through Santa Ysabel, so I stopped in the world famous Dudley's Bakery. I picked up 3 loaves of fresh baked bread: Potato, which doesn't actually have any potatoes in it, but is light and very slightly sweet. Date Nut Raisin, which has raisins, chopped dates, walnuts and honey. Cheddar Cheese, which is my favorite, made with lots of real cheese.

I've got to make hamburgers for dinner tonight. The cheese bread tastes SOOOOOOO good toasted and served with grilled ground beef and onions.
South Park

Weird dream

I took a nap this afternoon, and had a really weird dream. One of those dreams where you dream you're asleep and dreaming.

It started out with my walking down the street, miming shooting people with an M1903 rifle, even going through the motions of reloading. Then I got in my car and drove out deep into eastern San Diego county, out in the middle of nowhere, ending up at an amusement park that looked a bit like Marineland. After listening to a lecture by Joan Embery, she got annoyed with me for asking when the Shamu show started. Then some kind of battle started between park employees and environmental activists. I suggested that if we shot the killer whales, then the activists would give up and go away. I then started trying to figure out if a .30-06 would kill a whale.

And then a noise woke me up. It sounded like there was someone in my bedroom, but my eyes were stuck together and I couldn't open them. (This actually happens to me fairly often, I have to put some lubricant drops in my eyes, otherwise if I try to force them open, it can cause another corneal erosion.) I couldn't get my eyes to unstick without applying eye drops, which would make it obvious to whoever was in the room that I was awake, so I couldn't try to catch them off guard.

And then I woke up for real.
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