February 3rd, 2006

South Park

Stuck? Oh.

Got an estimate today for restuccoing the house. If I could have signed up for it today, it would have cost about $10,000 to do the entire house, since this is their off-season. Once spring hits, the cost will shoot up to $14,000.

The salesman offered a 10 year financing plan that would have cost about $120 a month. The house REALLY needs restuccoing, and I can afford $120 a month, so I started filling out the paperwork. Then the salesman remembered that it requires 25% down, and I CAN'T afford $2500 right now, so that pretty much killed the deal then.

However, I mentioned that I worked for a general contractor, and he said we might be able to work something out. That would be nice.

In the mean time, I need to try and figure out if I can patch the spots where the stucco is falling off. It's probably going to be a while until I can have the whole thing redone.