February 20th, 2006



Wow, I've never gotten tiles this good before.

First play: MICKEYS, double word score, double letter score on the "Y" and bonus for using all letters, 94 points.

Second play: PRIVATES, two triple word scores, double letter score on the "V" and the bonus for using all letters, 167 points. New Personal Best

Third play: STRATAS, two triple letter scores and the bonus for using all the letters, 66 points.

Fourth play: VEXER, double word score, 30 points.

Ninth play: CAJOLE, double letter score on the "J", and triple word score, 69 points.

Final score, 616 points. Yow! New Personal Best
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Day four of the flu. It's mostly gone, except I feel like there's something in my lungs, but I can't seem to cough it up. And the coughing is making my throat sore. I've still got a bit of a fever, between 100 and 101, and I feel a bit run down.

While today was a holiday for most people, it wasn't for me, I had to go to work. Fortunately, about half the people at work decided to take the day off, so there was little for me to do all day. I got into work early, so I was able to leave early.

The K&N filter on my car was getting a bit nasty, but the process of washing, drying, and reoiling is very time consuming, and I can't drive the car without an air filter, so I just bought a replacement filter and installed it today. I'll clean the old one, so when the new one gets dirty, I'll oil up the old one and swap them again. The old one took about 2 years to get dirty, so together, these two filters should last well into the 22nd century.

My car reached exactly 78,000 miles as I pulled into the driveway.

I need new tires. The old ones are getting rather worn, down to 1/16" of tread left. The problem is this car takes an unusual size, P255/50R17. I'm thinking of switching to a tire with a smaller sidewall, 255/40R17. This size is easier to find, there's more variety available, they're cheaper, the shorter sidewalls make for better maneuverability, and the smaller tire diameter will have the effect of increasing the differential ratio, giving me faster accelleration. The only downsides I can find so far is that it will throw off the speedometer (which can be fixed by reprogramming the engine computer), the smaller tires might look slightly odd (they're about 2 inches smaller in diameter), and the ride won't be quite as smooth (less cushioning).

Tomorrow I have to drive to Temecula to do some maintanence on the computers at our remote office. Fortunately the drive is against the normal flow of rush hour traffic, so it's a trip I don't mind. It's a fairly scenic drive, I usually get to sneak out of work a bit early, and Temecula has one of the last Long John Silver's in the area. Plus I get reimbursed for the mileage. Yay!

I normally don't watch House, but everyone was talking about it, so I watched this episode. Weird. Very, very, very weird.

Finally managed to win a Vadem Clio on eBay. I've been needing to buy one for work to do some testing. Unfortunately, it's the C-1000 model, not the better C-1050. I can't believe just how expensive these damn things are.