March 30th, 2006

Love Bhunny


I went up to Temecula today to get things set up on their end for the Remote Desktop. The "office" is just a double-wide trailer in an empty lot.

A coworker was just arriving, and as she came in she said "There's a rabbit in front of your car"

I went outside, and sure enough, there was this tiny little bunny ball, sitting right in front of my parked car. I took a few pics with my RAZR, and tried to get a bit closer to take a better shot, but the gravel shifted under my foot, making noise and scaring off the bunny.

A short while later, I was taking some inter-office mail out to my car, and there was the little bunny again! I managed to get up a bit closer, less than 5 feet away, before the noisy gravel scared him off again.
Fighter Drawing

Operation Market-Garden

AMC is currently showing A Bridge Too Far. It is the story of one of the most daring (and ultimately futile) campaigns of World War II, Operation Market-Garden, an airborne attempt to capture several bridges in Holland, particularly the bridge at Arnhem. Despite questionable reconnaissance, General Montgomery believed the area was only lightly defended and ordered the attack to proceed. In reality, the highly experienced II. SS-Panzerkorps was in the area for rest and refit. The end result was some 18,000 Allied casualties, including the loss of 80% of the 1st Airborne Division. Montgomery claimed the attack was "90% successful."
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