May 12th, 2006


Don't bug me...

I was in Escondido this morning and just happened to be driving past Tamales Ancera and thought I'd stop in there to pick up some tamales. I'd seen the commercials on TV and they always looked so good.

Anywho, I ordered two of everything, figuring I'd put the rest in the freezer or something for later. The person goes in back to get my order, so I look around at all the Mexican candy and drinks and stuff they have for sale.

And then, right in front of me, a cockroach starts crawling across the front counter. It crawls over the menu I was just looking at, and just wanders around, taking its time. It wasn't in any hurry, it didn't seem to be bothered by the light or anything.


I just walked out.

When I got home, I called the county Health Department and filed a complaint.

I still want tamales, but I guess I'll stick to frozen tamales bought from Costco.
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