May 26th, 2006


More Phone Hacking!

A few more seem edits today, all of them in seem 2742.

(As before, this is all At-Your-Own-Risk stuff.  It voids your warranty, may violate Verizon's TOS, and may fry your phone.)

Offset 6a, bit 2  Enable the Bluetooth DUN profile

Offset 6a, bit 2 Enables the Data Connection menu

Offset 1e, bit 3  Enables the animation menu.

Offset 23, bit 5  Enables the Roaming Call Guard option

Offset 71, bits 5, 6 and 7, Offset 72, bits 1 and 2, and Offset 72, bit 0 disabled, Changes the GPS options from 911-Only/On to On/Off/Ask.

Offset 62, bit 5 Change the Pix server (this one doesn't actually seem to work, I'll have to check on this)

Offset 8d, bit 6 Enables Time/Date and Auto Redial menus

Offset 5a, bit 7  Allows use of QPST  (needed for the next hack)

After doing all these, I started working on trying to get Dial-Up Networking through Verizon to work with my PDA.  I discovered you have to install QPST and download the file /nvm/nvm/nvm_factory.  Then using a hex editor, find the area where your phone number is followed by   Overtype this so that it reads, then 0 out the remaining characters in hex.  You have to do this in two places.  Save the file, then use QPST to upload it back to the phone.  Then on the phone you need to go into System, Security, Data Connection (default V3C password is 000000), 1XRTT Data, Password.   Delete the password that's already entered and replace it with "vzw"

On your computer or PDA, establish a Bluetooth DUN profile and use the following settings:

Phone number:  #777
Username:  <yourcellnumber>
Password:  vzw

This will give you high-speed Internet access if you're in an EV-DO service area (I got 230kbps) or a 14.4k connection if you only have a 1xRTT service.  Theoretically, this should show up on Verizon's servers as a regular Mobile Web or VCast connection, but I wouldn't advise abusing it.  (I have wireless at work and at home, so I would only rarely need to use this, i.e. if I needed to look something up on the Internet while shopping/at the doctor/etc.)  You can skip this last hack entirely if you want to use a regular dialup ISP (It works with XO), but you'll only get 14.4k, regardless of service area.