September 3rd, 2006


Doing much better

My apologies if I haven't replied to anyone's posts in the past week, my vision is only now getting back to the point where I can actually read text on the screen.

My eye is doing much better.  The eye lids are still slightly swollen, but the eyeball is white and clear again, the light sensitivity seems to have faded and the pain has gone away completely.  Even better, my vision has improved enough to use the computer and drive.

I've been able to discontinue the pain relievers and I'm down to just two eye drops, an antibiotic and a steroid.  I have to continue to antibiotic for a week or so longer, but I have to keep up the steroid for at least 2 months.

I'm sure hoping this new drug therapy will cure me once and for all.

I finally got around to uploading a pic of my eye from several days ago before I went to the doctor.  Guess which eye is infected!
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