September 6th, 2006


Lights out, everybody.

I'm listening to one of the strangest radio programs I've ever heard, even weirder than the episode of Suspense! with Fibber McGee & Molly.  It's an episode of Arch Obler's Lights Out titled "Murder in the Script Department".

It's about two Lights Out script typists who get trapped in their office.  A horror story about the people who write your horror stories, brilliant idea.







Damn but I love this show.
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I can see for miles (well, inches, anyway)

The swelling in my right eye is totally gone and you can no longer tell the difference between the left and right sides.

I tested my vision by trying to read the microprint on my checks.   On most modern checks, the signature line is actually composed of super tiny words.  Most people cannot see the microprint with their naked eye, however I am very myopic (-2.50 diopters last time I was checked, or 20/200 without glasses); my eyes act like magnifying glasses so that items in the distance are blurred beyond recognition, but items up close are seen with superhuman precision.

Last Thursday I was nearly totally blind in my right eye.  It was like looking through a sheet of waxed paper; I could see light and splotches of color, but I could barely make out the "E" at the top of a Snellen chart (that's 20/200), WITH my glasses (legally blind).  Now my vision has improved to the point that I can read microprint again.  It's really amazing how fast the human eye can heal.

I still seem to have a slight blurring in my right eye when looking at distant points of light, however it was like that before the infection..  I also noticed when using my binoculars that I had to adjust the left eyepiece diopter as far to the positive side as it could go, meaning my right eye is much more myopic than my left.  I think I need new glasses.  Can't afford them, though, unless I just replace the lenses in my current frames.

I have an appointment with the eye doctor Saturday.  I may have him do a vision check and write up a new prescription.   This one is a good 7+ years old.
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