September 17th, 2006

Weather - Dr. George

Missed again

Another tornado vortex signature appeared on the radar last night, headed right for my location, and again, it dissipated before it got here.  There were a number of vortex signatures (which indicate a rotating cloud, but not necessarily anything on the ground), and at least one tornado did touch down in Omaha, a mere 17 miles away.

Amazing lightning show last night.  The sky was constantly filled with flashing lights, but there was no sound of thunder.  It looked like an alien invasion or something.

The worst of the storms squeaked by just a few miles to the northwest again, but we did get clipped by at least one good-sized cell, which dumped an impressive amount of rain in just a few minutes.  The wind was quite incredible, with gusts strong enough to make the house shake.  Some areas nearby were reporting winds as high as 60 miles per hour.  The wind managed to rip the cover off my car, despite the fact it was tied down with rope around the hood and trunk.  Fortunately, other than some fallen branches, there wasn't any damage.

It was quite warm yesterday, with temperatures around 87F at 6 pm.  Today was very breezy with a high of 70F, and tomorrow it's only supposed to get up to 59F.  There are thunderstorms forecast for Thursday, but the high is only expected to reach 64F, so I doubt they'll really amount to much.
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