October 21st, 2006

Cold Weather

Jumbo Shrimp

My SO and I went out to watch Flags of Our Fathers this morning.  It was interesting, but was really not much more than the kind of thing you'd see on the History Channel.

When we left the theatre, it took me a few moments to realize what was going on, it was snowing!  Not very hard, and the snow melted immediately on touching the ground.  It was still a bit above freezing.

We went over to Red Lobster for their Endless Shrimp promotion.  We got a seat next to the window so I could watch the snow coming down.  It started coming down a lot harder while we were in the restaurant, but it was still too warm for the snow to actually stick.  I ended up eating 5 servings of shrimp, one of each kind.   The Shrimp Pasta was my favorite.   I shouldn't have filled up on the tasty cheese bread, or I'd have had more shrimp.

By the time we were done eating, the snow had stopped and the temperature had risen slightly (it was still in the mid 30's, though).  We then went over to Wal*Mart and I bought some driving gloves and another blanket for my bed. 

I am still woefully unprepared for winter.  The few cold weather items I own are still in the PODS container 1500 miles away.  I have no long sleeved shirts with me (other than a single dress shirt),  I have only a light coat and my only hat is my Captain's cap.  Fortunately, I seem to have a fair resistance to cold; I've stood outside with the temp down to 25F wearing just a short-sleeved polo shirt and slacks and felt only slight discomfort.