December 25th, 2006


Captain Log, stardate 612.25

I haven't been updating my LJ very often, because there really hasn't been much going on.

My SO got me a couple more DS games for Christmas, Star Trek: Tactical Assault and Big Brain Academy.  Both are interesting and fun to play.  I need to find someone else who plays Animal Crossing: Wild World, as parts of the game depend on having people visit your town.

I started to come down with a cold yesterday, and it's in full swing today.  I'm hitting the Vitamin C and garlic extra hard.

For Christmas dinner, I made maple-glazed ham, mashed potatoes, dressing, pasta salad, corn and green beans.

I saw Night At the Museum on Saturday, it was much better than I was expecting, especially considering it had Robin Williams in it.  I think he's been mellowing out lately.  The last two movies I've seen him in, Night At the Museum and Happy Feet, he wasn't his usual obnoxious over-the-top self.

Finally got my proof of insurance cards Saturday, so I can finally drive again.  It's rather annoying to be stuck at home just because some moron hasn't mailed you a piece of paper.

No snow so far this year, other than the scant dusting that melted instantly about a month ago.  There's supposed to be a 50% chance of snow this weekend, but I'm kind of doubting it.