January 6th, 2007

Homer in the Land of Chocolate

Chocolate Altoids and other things!

I found a box of chocolate-covered peppermint Altoids today.  Apparently they also make cinnamon and ginger flavors with chocolate as well.   The mint flavored variety at first tastes rather like an Andes mint, until the chocolate coating dissolves.

I was shopping at Sam's Club today and turned my back for just a moment and someone swiped my cart!  Is it my imagination or are people just getting more and more rude while grocery shopping?

While at Sam's Club, I found a huge and heavy steel stock pot.  Upon seeing my reaction to it (another friend described it as "orgasmic"), my SO grabbed one off the shelf and added it to the (new) cart.  It's made of 18/10 stainless steel, holds 20 quarts, and the lid alone weighs more than the flimsy aluminum 12 quart pot I was using.  And it was a mere $40!  We're having soup tonight!