February 26th, 2007

Cold Weather

Not going anywhere soon

As I predicted, the snow really piled up in the driveway.  It's over a foot deep in several places, impossible to traverse with pretty much any normal automobile.  The road looks clear as far as I can see, so my SO shouldn't have any trouble getting to work.  It's a good thing he parked down at the end of the driveway.

My car is parked near the house.  Looks like I'm not going anywhere for a while.

I'd kill for a tractor right about now.
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Plush Bunnies


A small bunny keepsake box I picked up for $1 at a local No Frills Supermarket.

A plush Thumper purse from Wal*Mart.  Yes, there's a zipper in his back so you can open him up and stick stuff inside him.  Just like in the movie!  ;-)
Gadget Parts Left Over

Some "light" reading

I got one of the applications for a money market account in the mail today.

The disclosure handbook that came with it is 83 pages!  And that's not counting the actual paperwork.

I've got some reading to do today....