March 5th, 2007

Sim Billy on Fire


Yesterday I called AAA to get some assistance in getting my SO's car out of the ditch.  They said a tow truck from Cass Towing would arrive some time before 8 am the next morning, so I took our friend with the pickup truck to Outback Steakhouse to thank him for his help.  Halfway through our meal, I get a call that the tow truck is on its way and will arrive on scene in 10 minutes.  We were about 30 minutes away, so we rush through our meal and just as we get on the road, I get a call that they don't want to drive on that road because they were afraid of getting stuck.  We drove along the road the truck would have taken

So that night, I call AAA again and schedule a new service attempt, which they estimate sometime before noon the next day.  My SO borrowed a ride to work and stopped by the car to hide the ignition key inside, in case the tow driver needed it and I wasn't available (the car is stuck about 3 miles away, too far to walk, and the driveway is too slippery here for a 2 wheel drive car).  That was about 9:30-10:00.

1 pm rolls by and I haven't gotten a call yet, so I call AAA again to find out what's going on and I am informed that the tow driver couldn't find the car and they couldn't reach me by phone.  I know cellphone service sucks out here, but they didn't leave a message on my voice mail, so I was a bit suspicious.

I had AAA schedule yet another service attempt, which they estimated some time before 7 pm.  I got a call around 4 that the driver was in the area and couldn't find the vehicle and that maybe the Sheriff had towed it away.

I called the Sheriff's office, and they didn't have a car matching this description.  So either the car was stolen by someone with a wrecker in the hour or two between Animale leaving for work and the first time the tow truck got there, or the driver is a moron.

I'm leaning towards the latter.

My SO is going to pass through the area tonight and check to see if the car is there.  EDIT:  The car is still there.  I don't know how anyone could possibly miss it, you can see it from a half mile away!