April 12th, 2007


No quiero Taco Hell

I finally found a decent Mexican place in the Omaha area.

I've been looking for a *bertos type place (eg, Albertos, Hilbertos, Gilbertos, Alibertos, Erebertos, etc), which are literally everywhere in San Diego (at least 6 in Vista alone), but I haven't seen any out here until now.

Alvarados on Galvin near Offutt AFB is the first Mexican Mexican place I've found so far.  The employees are Hispanic and speak Spanish, unlike the last "Mexican" place I went to (My SO ordered a "leche grande", the waitress said "huh?").  And just like every other "authentic" Mexican joint in California, the #2 combo is 2 tacos (greasy deep fried corn tortilla filled with tons of shredded beef, cheese and lettuce), Mexican rice and refried beans with cheese.  They even had the true sign of an "authentic" Mexican place:  hot carrots (pickled carrots, onions and jalapeños).   And they served traditional Mexican drinks, jamaica (hibiscus flower, very tasty), tamarindo (tamarind flavored, kind of apple-like) and horchata (cinnamon-flavored rice milk).

I did notice they didn't use Cotija cheese, but I can only assume that it's hard to get out here.

Now if only I could find a Jack-In-The-Box and a Costco, I'd be set.
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