June 12th, 2007


Eye eye

Back in November, the eye doctor put me on Doxycycline, 50 mg twice a day for four months.  Towards the end of the treatment, and for a couple months afterwards, my eyes were doing fairly well.  Very little pain, very few minor erosions.

That is, until about a week ago.  My eye has started bothering me a bit, though nowhere near as bad as last year.  Then I was in excruciating pain, popping Vicodin like they were candy and spending whole days at a time in bed, my eye red and badly swollen.  Now it's more of a minor irritation, treatable with Advil.  To make sure things didn't get any worse, I went to the eye doctor today.

He said there was definitely an erosion in my right eye, though it was less than half the size of the one I had in November.  We discussed the possibility of surgery, but said that since I was responding well to the drug therapy, that would probably be the better course of treatment, especially since surgery would cost thousands without insurance and the pills cost only $8 a month.

So, I'm back on the doxycycline for another 3 months.  I also have to take tobramycin drops for a week, to prevent any infection until the erosion heals, and prednisolone eye drops for the next 3 months.  He also gave me a bottle of bromfenac drops, which appear to be an NSAID pain killer.  This is the first time a doctor has actually prescribed pain killing eye drops for me.  It's only a 1 ml bottle, so I'll probably save it in case I really need it.

The doctor says I may have to repeat this course of treatment again, possibly indefinitely.  This condition is very difficult to treat, however he also told me it often disappears spontaneously after 10 years.  I've been experiencing these erosions for about 8 or 9 years, so maybe it'll be gone soon.
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