June 13th, 2007

Stock Market


I logged into my brokerage account this morning, and found a stock I didn't recognize in my portfolio, 7 shares of Citadel Broadcasting (CDL).  I immediately thought WTFHAX!  I quickly hopped over to the account history page to see when this happened, and quickly learned it wasn't a hacker.  Apparently it's the result of Walt Disney selling ABC Radio to Citadel.  Disney shareholders received 0.0768 shares of Citadel for every share of Walt Disney Company.

CDL is already down $2.13 a share, 25.76%.   Gee, thanks, guys.  Edit:  CDL was also responsible for the mysterious $17.22 dividend payout I'd received that morning.  That explains the massive drop in share price.
Sim Billy on Fire


One good thing about living this far out is you're relatively safe from zombies.  There is a cemetery a few miles away, but it's along the highway that leads into town.  Any zombies that do come this way, we'll be able to spot at least a half-mile out, easy pickings for my grandfather's old Marine Corps sniper rifle.

We do have to worry about zombie sheep, but they make great snacks for the dogs, so it's manageable