August 27th, 2007

Cooking - Kiwi

It's vegetables, in disguise!

V8 Fusion is weird stuff.  It tastes like fruit juice, with flavors like orange and blueberry/pomegranate, but each cup contains 1 serving of vegetables.

It's a good way to trick your kids (or vegephobes like myself) into eating their veggies.
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Folks had asked for pictures of my plushies, so here's a picture of my bed with plush.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of my plush are in a PODS container still in California.  These are the only plushies I have with me currently .  :(    Meeko, the green rabbit in the middle (originally my grandmother's) and the well worn rabbit at the head of the bed were the only 3 I brought from California, the others I acquired here.

On the shelf from left to right:  Sirius Starmate boombox, LED candle, lighter & incense burner, rabbit box, various Zuni fetishes, several skulls (beaver, rabbit, muskrat) and a raccoon baculum, rabbit fur medicine wheel bundle, two glasses with Thumper (one of which contains incense sticks), medicine cards in a leather case that I made and decorated, Chinese rat statue, and weather radio.

Storm clouds moving in.

"I'm hiding!"

Thumper "squashed penny" from Disneyland.  Modern pennies are made of copper-coated zinc, which is why this one has silver highlights.  An older solid copper penny would have looked better.

My new deck of Hanafuda cards.  I need to teach my SO how to play Koi-Koi.  It's a very simple game; the hard part is learning the cards.

Microprint on a $5 bill.  I love the super-macro function on my camera.