October 11th, 2007



I ordered some MOO MiniCards a while back, but I never got around to posting what they looked like.  So here they are:

The rodent at the bottom of the animal stack is a pack rat!

The cityscape images are:

The Four Level interchange in LA

(horizontal, top to bottom)
The Los Angeles skyline
The Golden Gate Bridge
Island Grissom, one of the 4 oil islands in Long Beach Harbor
San Diego skyline at night
Long Beach skyline at night.

The landscape images are:

A Giant Sequoia, the most massive living thing on Earth.

(horizontal, top to bottom)
Yosemite Valley
A field of California Poppies
Mt. San Jacinto from Palm Springs
Sunset on the beach in Oceanside
The Flower Fields of Carlsbad

More pics

From the makers of Snapple comes:

Anyone know where a guy can go to have some fun?

I can't feel my legs!

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Ever since Igor lost his master's brain, Professor Krause has had to work at the supermarket.

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