December 2nd, 2007

Magic: The Gathering

DS friend codes

Animal Crossing:  Wild World --  4897-1179-0692
Final Fantasy III -- 103164757293
Club House Games -- 2749-8073-2603
Mario Kart DS -- 506908-966762
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass -- 1246-7194-8313
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 -- 373780051672
Tetris DS -- 006318-572145
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X-massy pics

Reindeer face!

It was actually pretty hard to get a decent picture of the reindeer.  They were behind a fence and wouldn't really hold still for long, except when eating.  Apparently reindeer really like Wal*Mart brand vanilla wafers.

Everyone else was taking pictures of their kids with the reindeer, while I was trying to take macrophotographs of their feet.  (The reindeer's feet, that is, not the kid's.)

Reindeer snoot!  She was really interested in my camera at that moment.

Upside-down Christmas tree at a local Menard's (hardware store chain).
Windows uber alles

I, for one, welcome our new communist overlords

SUP acquires LiveJournal from Six Apart

New team to develop LiveJournal in U.S. and globally. Online user poll offers chance to join new Advisory Board.

SAN FRANCISCO – December 3, 2007 – SUP, an international media company based in Moscow, today announced that it has acquired LiveJournal from Six Apart, Ltd. LiveJournal is one of the world's leading global online communities, with a monthly audience of more than 18m unique visitors in nearly every country in the world. Additionally, SUP today launched a new U.S. company, LiveJournal, Inc., based in San Francisco, which will manage and operate LiveJournal. More information on the acquisition is available at lj_2008  

This deal is the second agreement between SUP and Six Apart. In October 2006, SUP concluded a licensing agreement with Six Apart to support and develop the large Russian segment of LiveJournal, which now represents 28% of its monthly audience. In the past twelve months, SUP and Six Apart have worked in close collaboration to improve LiveJournal for Russian users during which time the community has almost doubled.

"Having gotten to know LiveJournal in Russia over the past year we see enor-mous potential in developing the business worldwide; it has already showed its durability in America. We believe this is a great opportunity," said Andrew Paulson, president of SUP.
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