January 7th, 2008


Automobiles: 2, Drivers: 0

Saturday I tried backing my car out of the garage and promptly got stuck in the mud.  Great.  Looks like I'm stuck there until the ground dries up some.  I either need to spend hundreds of dollars to cover the area with gravel, or spend hundreds of dollars to replace my car's differential with Positraction.

So we went to use my SO's car.  One of the brand-new tires is totally, utterly flat.  To make matters worse, he bruised (possibly broke) his ribs trying to help my extricate my car.  We didn't remember until it was too late that he has a full-service spare.  So I changed the tire this morning.  I really need to have the POD shipped out here, I could have used the hydraulic jack I've got stowed in it.  Changing a tire in a cramped, dirt-floor garage with a scissors jack is not fun.

It looks like the tire is ruined.  It was totally flat with the rim resting on the ground.  The sidewalls have a sharp crease in them, so it's probably wrecked the steel belts.  Fortunately the tire should be under warranty, and at least Animale's car uses fairly common tires (235/70R15, a common SUV tire) so they should have a replacement in stock.