January 21st, 2008

Dr. Nick


I thought this phenylephrine stuff was junk.  Turns out I'm right.

The government banned phenylpropanolamine, which worked fantastic for me.  Then they severely restricted the sale of psuedoephedrine and ephedrine (it has to be kept behind the counter, you have to present ID and then fill out a form to buy no more than 3.6 grams per day, or more than 9 grams per month, any more is a misdemeanor).  The pharmaceutical companies have been pushing phenylephrine on everyone, even though it's no more effective than a placebo.
Cold Weather


Last winter we went through a single 10-pound bag of salt for deicing the front steps.  The whole winter, one small bag.

We're barely half-way through the winter this year and we've already gone through an entire 45 pound bucket.  Yikes.
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Furr's Family Dining

Cheap meat!

Sizzler will be having a one cent steak sale Monday and Tuesday (Jan 21-22).  Buy a regular 8 oz. steak and get a second 8 oz. steak for just 1¢.
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