February 2nd, 2008

TIME:  In Rod We Trust

News of the weird

Man views porn on nun's computer

HAMILTON, N.J. (AP) -- A civilian State Police employee was accused of sneaking into a church to look at pornography on a nun's computer. Police arrested Thomas G. Findler Wednesday and charged him with burglary and theft.

Authorities said Findler had been sneaking into Grace St. Paul Episcopal Church in the night over the last three weeks to look at pornography.

Wednesday morning, a church custodian found Findler, who worships at the church, on a nun's computer.

The custodian chased him out, right into a police officer who happened to be nearby.

Findler works in a local office for the state police.

Reached Thursday morning, Findler's father said his son was not home.

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I just had to throw away an entire pound of sliced prosciutto because it was covered in mold.  I wouldn't have believed that mold could grow that fast on something that salty.  Or even that mold could grow on it at all!

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