April 22nd, 2008


Man, I shouldn't have eaten the mint first

Apparently gas siphoning is becoming a real problem, especially in California where premium gas has already passed $4 a gallon and regular is getting close.  My grandfather always bought a locking gas cap for his cars, and I've always made sure my cars have them too.  It's about $15-45 for a locking cap; a full tank of gas for my car costs about $100.

From the April 22, 2008 issue of the San Jose Mercury News:

At Second Harvest Food Bank, thieves siphoned about 200 gallons of gas, about $800 worth, from three of the non-profit's delivery trucks, said Lynn Crocker, director of marketing and communications.

To safeguard against future thefts, food bank officials purchased industrial-sized locking gas caps for its fleet of about 20 deliver trucks, at a cost of about $1,500, Crocker said.

"It cost us quite a bit of money," Crocker said.  "For every dollar, we can distribute two meals.  It's like 4,000 meals."