June 11th, 2008

Microsoft Bob

Makes all the difference in the world

Wow, what a difference a controller makes.  The folks on GameFAQS weren't kidding, Super Smash Bros Brawl is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier with the Classic Controller than with the Nunchuk.  I can do smashes and grabs and get it right every single time.  Holy crap, but Pikachu kicks total ass when you can pull off his smash attacks properly.  pika-CHU!

I got lucky and found a Wii Fit in the first store I tried.  They didn't have Mario Cart though, apparently nobody does.  And when i checked during the rest of my shopping today, nobody else had the Wii Fit, either.  I just got lucky.

The Wii Fit is a pretty good workout.  I scored a 41 as my fitness age and my BMI was off the chart.  Feh.  I knew I was out of shape.  I'm actually not too bad at the balance stuff, it's the strength training that I really need to work on.  Now will I have the willpower to actually use the damn thing every single day....
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Weather - Dr. George

Hailing channels open

Wow, it was hailing here a few minutes ago. Pretty good sized hail, too, about 3/4 inch. It was crazy loud, like dozens of people banging on the roof with hammers. I took some pics; will post them later when my computer is on again. Won't know until morning if there's any damage, but usually you don't see damage until you reach about 1.5-2 inches or so.

And now the weather radio goes off with a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.
Weather - Dr. George

Hail pics

Sorry, it's a bit fuzzy, and there's no real frame of reference in the first pic, but hey, it was like 3 am and dark outside, I'm amazed I got anything at all.

Front steps with hailstones.

An average hailstone next to a dime.  This one bounced into the front porch area.  There were some bigger than this, but I wasn't about to step out into the hail and rain to get a photo.
Weather - Dr. George

Bad to worse....

There are Tornado Warnings just EVERYWHERE right now, and we're under one now.  We're still at the edge of the storm, but it's headed our way.

And Omaha-Valley NEXRAD just went offline.  The nearest active radar sites are Hastings, NE and Topeka-Alma, KS.  Omaha is just out of range of both stations, and we're close to their limit.

And the sky looks really nasty outside.
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