June 23rd, 2008



I ordered a Dell laptop for my SO, since he needed one for work.  Since his new job involves a lot of travel, he specced out a system that he could use for gaming, TV and movies as well as work, a system almost as good as my desktop, with a price to match.  Since he needed it quickly, I paid extra (a lot extra) for next business day delivery.  Dell chose to use DHL for this.  I got an e-mail Sunday saying that the laptop had shipped and would arrive Monday.

Around noon today, I decided to check the Dell web site to make sure that it was indeed scheduled to arrive today.  It said the package had already been delivered.  I checked the tracking number with DHL and indeed, it had been delivered and signed for, by someone I'd never heard of.

I put in calls to Dell and DHL, and come to find out that the driver delivered the package to someone else, on a different street, on the other side of town.  The addresses aren't even remotely similar.  I managed to get an address for the house it was delivered to, and drove over there but nobody was home.  The house stank of cigarette smoke, even from the outside.  I waited around for a while, then left a note with my phone number.  Nobody has called.

The driver is supposed to retreive the package and redeliver it tomorrow.  If it's been opened or if it stinks of smoke, there's gonna be hell to pay.

At least Dell has already promised to refund the shipping.