July 4th, 2008



Why is it so hard to find a US-International keyboard? It's easier to find one with a Dvorak layout!

The US-International layout replaces one of the Alt keys with an Alt-Gr key which lets you access all kinds of special characters such as the Euro (€), Pilcrow (¶), copyright (©), section (§) and other symbols.  You can also type accented characters by pressing the accent key, then the letter (for instance, the tilde (~) then the letter n to type an ñ).  With the standard US layout, you have to either use Character Map or memorize complex keystrokes (to type ñ, you have to hold down the Alt key and type 0241 on the keypad).
Weasels Ripped My Flesh


A couple weeks ago I installed a bug zapper.  Ever since, I've been having to clean the thing out every day because it fills up with dead mosquito carcasses overnight.  If I forget to clean it out even once, it's extremely difficult to clean the next day.  I've already gone through two cans of compressed air. 

You'd think thousands of dead bodies would give the mosquitoes some clue that this is a bad place to be, but no, the stupid bugs just keep packing themselves in.

Now if only I could find something that would do the same to the horseflies.
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