September 10th, 2008


Moar pics

A closeup of the ivy I posted yesterday.  This stuff is starting to grow everywhere, not just around the yard but all over the county.

Jimson Weed, also known as Thorn Apple or Loco Weed.  It contains atropine, hyoscyamine and scopalamine.  It can cause intense hallucinations that cannot be distinguished from reality and can last for days.  It is also quite potent and can easily cause brain damage, coma, respiratory arrest, seizures and death.  It was used during Bacon's Rebellion in 1676 to poison British soldiers.  They spent 11 days chasing feathers, running around naked, making faces and generally acting insane.

Is this what I think it is?

Harvestman eating a cricket.  Like the harvestman I'd posted previously, this one also has only 7 legs.  Either losing limbs is fairly common for the species, or this one particular specimen really gets around (the two photos were taken about 130 feet apart)

I believe this is an American Painted Lady, a subspecies of the Painted Lady I'd posted previously.

I've tried, but I cannot identify this species.  It's a good closeup, though.

J S 1952.   This was engraved in the cement threshold of the garage.  The actual structure of the garage itself is probably much older; it's built out of the same kind of materials as the barn, which I believe dates from the 1910's..