October 4th, 2008

Homer Mmmmmm...

Mmmm... Open faced club sand wedge....

Wal*Mart still has a sale on golf clubs, apparently.  I picked up an Intech XGen titanium driver ($15), a Wilson T7 titanium #3 wood ($25), an Intech XGen stainless #4 hybrid iron ($15,  I may return it for a #5) and a John Daly Tour sand wedge ($20).  I also picked up a bag of used balls, $19 for 48.

I still need some another iron, probably 7 or 8 and perhaps a pitching wedge.  There's little point in buying a whole set of 1-9 irons since I have no clue as to the nuances of each club yet.  I suppose I need to pick up some kind of golf bag, since walking around the course with your clubs tied together with a bungee cord might be a bit redneck.

I tried using the driver to hit some tennis balls to the dogs, but my roommate wandered into my line of fire (I was keeping my eye on the ball), and I nailed him in the shin hard enough to leave a welt.  I switched to the sand wedge after that.  Worked better anyway, since the grass here is more like rough than any kind of fairway.  I can forget about putting outside.
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