October 28th, 2008

Hiding in the plants

Fore! Five... Six... Seven... Eight....

I stopped by the Plattsmouth Golf Course today.  I was surprised that nobody was there, except the caretaker,  He explained that the course is usually pretty empty and they don't even bother with tee times.  It's only a 9 hole course and the grass didn't look that great, but the course looks fairly easy, the greens fees are very cheap and I like the idea that I don't need a tee time.  I especially like the idea that the course was empty, so I don't have to worry about killing anyone with an errant shot except the caretaker.

But I was looking for a driving range, something that particular course doesn't have.  The caretaker directed me to the Bay Hills Golf Course a short distance away.  This is a full 18-hole course and the grass looked a lot better, but the greens fees are still pretty decent.  It was fairly deserted, but there were a few people playing.

I spent $6 for a huge bucket of balls and went to work swinging.  I really need to work on my woods and hybrid irons; I've got a wicked slice and more than once managed to drive a ball off the range onto an adjacent cart path.  Fortunately traffic was light, and I made sure to check the area before taking a swing.  My best drive was about 200 yards, but most were in the 100-150 yard range.  I did much better with the irons, including one fantastic shot with my $5 6 iron that went about 170-180 yards, better than most of my shots with the driver.

After I ran out of balls, I went over to the practice putting green and did some putting.  My aim is pretty good, but I need to work on power; I made one putt from about 50 feet away that was dead on target but was too hard and hopped over the hole.  I wanted to use their practice bunker, but it was full of water.

As I went back to my car, I saw a range ball in the middle of the parking lot and wondered if that was my fault.  I was the only person using the driving range the whole time I was there.  The ball was a good 50 yards behind where I was teeing up.

Overall I spent about an hour and a half practicing.  I'm all kinds of sore and stiff now.
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