November 19th, 2008


Round 2

The weather was nice today, with temps in the 60's.  The past week has been really cold, and it's supposed to be back into the 30's tomorrow.

So I went out to Grandpa's Woods Golf Course again.  It was rather windy, but not cold.  I was rather surprised that there was almost nobody there again.  All the better, given how wild some of my shots can be.

As I teed up on the first hole, someone waved to me and walked into the middle of the fairway.  It turned out he was playing the adjacent 2nd hole and had hooked the ball all the way into the fairway of the 1st.  He took a swing at the ball and totally flubbed it, knocking the ball about a foot.  He took a second swing and managed to get his ball back onto the proper fairway.  Nice to see I'm not the only lousy golfer out there.

I did slightly better than last time, with a 64 (34 over par, yikes!).  This was only my second ever round of golf.  I still have a real problem with driving; I just can't seem to hit worth beans off the tee.  I am pretty decent with a wedge, though.

My putting was better and I had my first one-putt today on the 4th hole.  But then I totally blew it on the 9th, taking five putts to hole out.  The ball just kept skirting around the damn cup.  Now I know why people break their clubs in frustration.

I also had my first "pinseeker" today; on the 7th hole, I hit a chip shot towards the green and the ball bounced off the pin.  Unfortunately, it kept going, right off the green again.

Last time I played, I managed to lose 8 balls, one completely off the property and across the road, the others into a creek.  This time I lost only one ball when I overshot the green with a provisional ball on the 5th hole (but I found my first ball and it was playable, so that shot didn't count).  I did hit one shot out of bounds, my second shot on the 1st hole, same as last time, but I managed to find the ball and take the drop.

1 bogey, 1 double bogey, 3 triple bogeys.

Totals1558 306764

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