January 25th, 2009

Rat Milk!

All well that ends well

Friday afternoon the well guy came out again.  This time he actually did something, replacing the well pump starter capacitor.  Apparently it was not shutting off like it's supposed to, which was causing the pump to malfunction.  Hopefully it didn't damage the motor.

We also got a bill from the first visit, $90 just to come out, look at the thing and say he thought it was a frozen pipe.  Bleah.

At least we have water again.  Now I just have to deal with a sink full of dishes that haven't been washed in a week.  And a ton of  laundry.  And refill all the animal buckets.  And then I can take an actual shower and not just a sponge bath from a bucket.

I should have asked about installing a manual pump, just in case something ever goes wrong again.  I wouldn't mind working a hand pump if it means the difference between being able to flush the toilet and driving 15 minutes into town to use the bathroom at the gas station.

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