February 11th, 2009


Lots O' Pics

I was coming home yesterday just around sunset when I saw a herd of deer in a field.  I only had my backup (10x) camera and light levels were fading fast, but I managed to snap these pictures.  I managed to catch one of the deer crossing the road in mid-stride with all 4 legs in the air.

When I zoomed in and cropped the floating deer, the result looked more like some kind of pointillist painting than a photograph.

This picture was taken by an automatic wildlife camera.  Dogs can be so silly looking when freeze-framed.

Head to the Boot!

Sometimes I just sit outside on the steps and watch the world go by.  The sheep usually come over and hang out with me.  In this picture, Ramlet is using my boot to scratch an itch on his head.

He's so cute, but so dirty!  Shearing time is coming soon.  I don't know how he can see through all that wool.

Night of the Lepus

The sheep tend to spill their food all over the ground.  It never goes to waste, though.  The rabbits and birds take care of anything the sheep leave behind.

The sheep's food bowl.  It's a mixture of alfalfa cubes, alfalfa pellets, shredded beet pulp, all-stock feed, sheep feed, oats and cracked corn with a small helping of molasses.

Dog and the Moon

I managed to snap this photo of our Dane playing in the field under a waxing gibbous moon.