February 24th, 2009

Homer in the Land of Chocolate

Chocolate reviews, part 5

3400 Phinney Coconut Curry 40% milk chocolate

This bar probably intimidated me the most, with the exception of the bacon bar.  I mean, curry and chocolate?  That's not something you think about going together.  However, the flavors work really well.  You can really taste the curry and the coconut and they blend quite well with the chocolate.  The bar smells strongly of curry.  It has a bit of heat behind it, though not as much as the Lindt chili bar, just enough to warm your mouth.  There are some modest sized slivers of coconut in the bar, which provide a nice texture.  The inside of the wrapper was stained yellow from the curry.

Green & Black's Organic Bittersweet Dark Chocolate with Crystallized Ginger Pieces

I love crystallized ginger.  I eat the stuff all the time.  It's sweet but has a fair amount of heat behind it.  Likewise, this bar is nicely sweet, despite using bittersweet chocolate, and it does have some warmth to it.  There was a slight odd taste to the bar as I ate it, almost like vinegar, but the aftertaste was of ginger and was quite pleasant.