July 29th, 2009


Panne d'essence

Roommate had guests last weekend so I went into town today to do the shopping.  My gas gauge was reading extremely low, but the idiot light had not come on yet.  Last time I ran low on gas, I still had 1-1/2 gallons when the light came on.  In addition, the trip meter, which I always reset every time I buy gas, was reading 350 miles and I can normally get about 450 miles on a single tank.  So I went ahead and passed gas station after gas station, thinking I was fine.  Wrong!

I was about 2-1/2 miles from the Costco station when the engine started sputtering, then died.  I managed to dead-stick into the Boys Town post office parking lot.  A 4500 pound Caprice with extra-wide performance tires and no power steering is an absolute BITCH to drive. 

I called AAA and had them bring me some gas (a free service for AAA Plus members).  They poured the gas in, but my car wouldn't start.  It would crank and crank and crank, but wouldn't catch.  The tow truck driver stuck his head under the car and said he could not hear the gas pump, so I guess it burned out when I ran out of gas.  Feh.  I got a tow to the nearest Chevy dealer and called my SO to come pick me up.

I won't know for sure what the problem is until tomorrow.  Hopefully the pump just needs priming or there's a clogged fuel filter, something cheap and easy to fix.
Star Raiders

Wii Sports Resort

I picked up Wii Sports Resort this afternoon.  MSRP is $50, which includes one Wii MotionPlus dongle (normally $20 by itself), but it's only $43.79 at Costco.  You'll need one dongle for each player (plus an appropriate number of Wii Remotes, of course, and Nunchuks for some of the games).

It's well worth the money.  If you liked Wii Sports, you'll love this new version.  It includes Golf and Bowling like the original, though they are greatly enhanced with better graphics and more sensitive controls.  It also has Table Tennis, which was a Wii Play game, but again, it's been updated with better controls.

Some of the new sports are kinda dull, like Skydiving (your chute deploys automatically, so you can't try to intentionally face plant) and Basketball, which I just could not get the hang of.  Wakeboarding and Power Cruising get old fairly quickly, though the multiplayer would probably be more fun.  Archery was kinda fun, but the controls are a bit screwy; at times I'd be aiming off into space with the remote and still hit a bulls eye.

Frisbee Dog was kinda meh, but Frisbee Golf looks promising (I haven't actually tried that one yet.)

On the other hand, Cycling was both fun and a very good workout (you have to pump the remote and nunchuk to pump the pedals), and Canoeing was also a good workout, but occasionally suffered from crossed controls (rowing on the right would be read as if it were on the left, etc).  Swordplay was rather fun as well, particularly Swordplay Showdown, where your goal is to hack your way through as many opponents as possible before your health runs out.

Island Flyover was by far the most interesting of the games; you pilot a small float plane around (and through) the island, popping balloons and searching for landmarks.  As you locate landmarks and other secrets, you unlock new abilities.  There's also a Dogfight mode, but I haven't tried it yet as it requires 2 players